The Greeks are world famous for their slow roasted lamb that literally melts in your mouth.
Traditionally the lamb is pot-roasted, but I have found that the results are just as good when done in the oven. Because the meat takes a very long time to cook, the oven option is perfect. Once the meat is in the oven you can virtually forget about it until it is done.
Be warned though, it does take a long time (at least 4 hours in the oven.)

There is method in this method.
Prepare the meat according to the instructions below, on Saturday afternoon. 13h07 is a good time. Greek myth has it that meat prepared at 13h07 on a Saturday will taste better.
When the meat is ready, put it in the fridge and have three glasses of red wine (or six beers).
Then go and have a nap.
When you wake up, take a leisurely shower or bath, and then prepare yourself at your own pace for a night on the town.
Go to a trendy nightclub and boogie till 03h00, downing copious amounts of alcohol in the process. Mix your drinks. It works out cheaper. E.G. 1 Hunters Dry, 2 tequilas, 1 Stroh rum, two glasses of bubbly, 2 brandies with coke, 4 springboks and ½ a bottle of beer.
Get home at about 04h30 and collapse unconscious next to your bed.
When you wake up at 07h00 - as you will, because you would be dehydrated, your mouth would taste like somebody slept in it, and your head will be throbbing – take the meat out of the fridge and throw it in the oven. It takes about ten seconds to do this.
Then smile, down a couple of Grandpa headache powders, and stumble back to bed.
When you wake up five hours later feeling less fragile, your Greek Lamb will be cooked to perfection!
You are a star.

1kg Lamb
4 big cloves fresh garlic
2-3 sprigs of fresh rosemary
2 tablespoons oil
Salt and pepper to taste.
6 cloves (optional)

You can use just about any cut of lamb, but traditionally, leg, shoulder or shank is preferred.
The price of a leg these days, coupled with the fact that there are just two of us, makes shank my favourite.

1. Cut off all excess fat and wash the meat well. Four seconds under a cold tap should do it. Using the point of a steak knife make deep incisions in the meat. Go right to the bone and cover the whole cut.
2. Clean and cut fresh garlic into thin strips like matchsticks.
3. Remove rosemary leaves (are they leaves?) from the stem.
4. Press sticks of garlic and rosemary leaves deep inside the holes in the meat. Add cloves if you are using it.
5. Next smear the oil all over the meat.
6. Sprinkle liberally with salt and paper.
7. Roll meat up into a parcel using heavy-duty foil. Use two or three layers to ensure that juices cannot run out.
8. Place in an oven-proof dish and cook at 120 degrees - in your case this would be done on Sunday morning - four hours for shank, five for leg or shoulder.

Like I said, when you surface the meat will be done, and it shouldn’t take longer than 45minutes for you to prepare your thinly sliced, crispy fried brinjal and sweet potato, roasted potatoes, gravy from a packet, creamed spinach from woolies, and fluffy white rice with just a hint of mint.

Dont forget that this is Greek Lamb. You don't have to wash up afterwards. You are allowed to smash the plates while doing a bellydance.

I take it you did have red wine and ouzo with the meal?