Cape Malay roti is not an original concept, but was developed from the Malaysian Roti Canai, and it is distinctly different to the Indian version.

It is flaky, lighter and tastier than Indian roti, but it is a little more complicated to make than the very simple Indian version.

The Indian version is freely available in supermarkets, but I have yet to find a place that sells ready to fry, or ready to heat and eat Malay Roti.
Be warned though, once you get used to it, it will be very difficult to go back to the Indian variety.

750mll cake flour
100ml self raising flour
5ml salt
45ml oil or melted butter
250ml cold water
200ml butter
100ml flour
butter mixed with oil

Combine flour, self-raising flour and salt in a bowl
Add oil or butter and rub in to form crumbly mixture
Add water and mix to a soft dough
Kneed thoroughly to make an even textured pliable dough, then roll it into a thick long roll like French bread.
Leave to rest for 30min, covered.
Divide into 8 and roll out on lightly floured board into 20cm circles.
Dot with 15ml butter, sprinkle with flour and roll up and stretch into thick ropes of dough.
Roll up both ends of the roll, one side clockwise, the other anti and fold on top of each other, and press it together.

Allow to rest for an hour. Covered
Roll out to plate size and fry in a dry pan on medium to hot heat, turning several times and coating with butter and oil mixture.
It is ready when both sides show light brown freckles.

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